Posted by: charlesdamschen | January 14, 2004

Family of God

We had a great weekend traveling to the Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Fargo and then heading to Pelican Rapids to sing at the Baptist church on Sunday morning.

Special D has been singing at Cornerstone for about 10 years so we have dear friends there. It’s a very casual and intimate atmosphere–lots of fun. As always, it was a pleasure to take part in the ministry that goes on there. Also lots of fun to see familiar faces–as well as some new faces. . . one of those being Roger and Pam’s two-month old grandson!

After singing, snacking, laughing, and packing up equipment with the Cornerstone crew, we got in the van and headed out to Pelican Rapids, MN. Frank and Dorothy Damschen (Chuck’s parents) opened their beautiful old farm house to us. Having some family time and getting to see them is always a major perk of singing in the Pelican Rapids area. We pulled in there well past midnight and had to visit some before officially calling it a night.

Sunday morning we made our way into Pelican Rapids and enjoyed the service at the Baptist church. We were glad to worship with them, visiting with old friends and meeting some new ones. Naomi met the in-laws of a friend of her’s from Northwestern College –we never know what connections will be made or who we’ll run into while singing. It’s amazing to be a part of the family of God, isn’t it?

After the service in Pelican Rapids we spent some time at Grandpa and Grandma’s (Frank and Dorothy) house with some friends of theirs, John and Angie. John was a professional accordion player and he and Angie sing together, so we had quite the “jam session.” It was a real treat for everyone to be able to spend time in fellowship and share the beautiful gift of music . . . just another special part of being part of God’s family.

We hope that you, too, are assured of your part in His family. We look forward to seeing YOU somewhere along the way. Blessings!


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