Posted by: charlesdamschen | February 4, 2004

Warm Chocolate

Sub-zero temps and snow-drifted roads delayed our Feb. 1 arrival in Cavalier, ND, but they were no match for the open arms and warm hearts that encouraged and greeted us at the United Methodist “Chocolate” Church! We had a blessed time there singing for the Lord and fellowshipping with new and old friends alike!

For those of you wondering about “Chocolate” – it differentiates between the brown Methodist Church building and the other Methodist Church in Cavalier. Maybe it also refers to some of the treats that were served with coffee and hot cider after the service!?

This was our first time singing at the Chocolate Church but some of the faces in the audience were familiar. Ron and Cathy’s friends, the Kemps, from college days, my friend, Lois, from AFLAC, friends from other churches we’d sung in before and the Christian Coffee House in Hamilton, ND.

We were able to briefly visit with Bob Keena who was tending to his sister, Jeanette, who is in advanced stages of cancer. Bob and Jeanette ministered through the Hamilton Christian Coffee House for many years and have been a blessing to so many folks. Please remember them in your prayers in their time of need.

We are so blessed with the friends we have made over the years through our singing ministry and are more blessed with each new one we meet! Check out our latest listing of upcoming events and watch for updates as more bookings are confirmed. It’s great to know we’ll be meeting more special people at each of these events. We hope to meet you at one of them soon! God Bless!!

A note of thanks to Naomi! Although these postings always have my name on them they are not all written by me. The two before this were done by Naomi. I’m sure you’ll see more from her in the future. Our friend, Julie, did the first two and our “thanks” goes out to her too! Maybe I’ll suggest the authors initial their work so they get the proper credit? CD


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