Posted by: charlesdamschen | March 24, 2004

“God’s Little Surprises”—March 7

On Sunday, March 7, we were provided with a couple of unique opportunities . . . expected and unexpected!

Our “expected” opportunity that day was compliments of the Osnabrock Assembly of God church where we took part in their Mission Sunday. Naomi spent this past summer in Peru with Adventures In Missions and was invited to share about that experience. We have some very dear friends at the church in Osnabrock—some that we hadn’t seen for far too long, so it was a real blessing to be with them and catch up! It was fun, too, to share some music there.

After dinner at the church with our dear friends we decided to be spontaneous and make a “quick” trip to the nursing home in Osnabrock. There is a special lady there and we wanted to say hello to her. I think she enjoyed the surprise visit from her Hampden friends! 🙂 We all sat in the dining room area and visited—until our “unexpected” opportunity arose. Chuck got out his guitar and we started singing. . . before we knew it a group of people were singing with there in the dining room. One man even brought out his harmonica and played along as Chuck played on the guitar! As it turned out, the pastor scheduled to do the afternoon service at the nursing home that day couldn’t come, so we just kept on with our little unexpected sing-a-long! Our time there that afternoon turned out to be such a special blessing. . . sometimes those unexpected opportunities are the most important opportunities the Lord gives us. We are reminded of how essential it is for us to remain open and flexible to the Lord and His plans . . . you never know what He’ll surprise you with!

God bless you . . . remember to be open today to how He may want to surprise you. 🙂



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