Posted by: charlesdamschen | March 24, 2004

“Out West”—February 28-29

First of all, apologies to those of you who have been waiting and asking for an update . . . we have no excuse except that we’re new at this (and slow)! Thanks for your interest!

The weekend of February 28-29 we drove out to western North Dakota for concerts in Carpio, Tolley, and Minot. We headed towards Minot on Saturday and were glad to make a stop in Towner, ND to visit Ron’s mom, Lucile. She sent bars and cookies with us in exchange for a few songs. 🙂

Sunday morning we carefully made our way from Minot to Carpio through fresh, wet snow on ice-covered roads . . . see why we appreciate your prayers as we travel?! We were thankful to arrive safely at Carpio Lutheran Church for their 9:00am service. We enjoyed our morning with the folks there, and then raced to pack up our sound equipment so that we could get to Tolley for an 11:00am service at their sister church. Pastor Norman led the way to Tolley—30 more miles through the ice and wet snow. We were thankful for another safe trip, even if we were late in getting there. The Tolley crew was very gracious and patient! . . . not to mention great cooks! They had a beautiful potluck dinner after the service and we were glad to be able to visit with the people then.

By the time we headed back into Minot the roads and weather was much improved. We got into Minot and relaxed some before making our way to the First Baptist Church to set up for a 6:00pm concert. We were all especially blessed by our evening there. . . we had lots of family and friends in the crowd and that always makes it extra special. . . but sometimes the Lord just seems to give us a special glimpse of Him, an extra taste of His sweetness. . . and that is what really made our time together so sweet.

As we sing, we are continually reminded of the privilege we have to know the Lord and worship Him through all that we do. We encourage you to look to Him today. We look forward to worshipping with you soon!



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