Posted by: charlesdamschen | April 17, 2004

Family Style – Part 1

March 17, 2004, found us on the road to LeMars, IA, ice cream capitol of the world! And that wasn’t even the best part of the trip! I’d better explain.

We were on our way to a vocal improvement session/seminar that was sponsored by The Browns, a great group who present the Gospel through music, family style. Of course their hospitality and faithful witness in the community or wherever they go is a great foundation for their effectiveness in ministry!

The Browns had made arrangements to have Steve Hurst of the Steve Hurst School of Music in Nashville, TN, come to LeMars for training sessions and seminars. We were scheduled for a 2 hour session with Steve the day after we arrived and were excited to see him again. We first met him a number of years ago through the Midwest Quartet Association and have attended sessions with him at the MWQA Convention ever since. Although we often refer to Steve as a vocal coach, his heart is in teaching ministries how to worship and lead others in worship. His ability to do this enhances his vocal instruction sessions.

This trip the sessions and seminars were held at the Living Center, which is an amazing concept in itself. It is a former funeral home in LeMars that has been remodeled with offices, meeting room, and small auditorium. A number of area ministries, including the Browns, are headquartered in these offices. The Wells family, owners of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, are sincere Christian people who have been very instrumental in implementing the Living Center concept. We had the privilege of meeting them while in LeMars, too!

Lunch with the Browns, Steve, and his Mom was a fun time of fellowship and then we were all off to the ice cream parlor! Mmmmm!! Steve had a full afternoon of sessions so we saw some of the sights, rested up and got ready for an evening meal with the crew out at the Browns’ farm.

What a great time we had fellowshipping over a delicious meal prepared by the Michaela (the aspiring chef!) and Jessica Brown and friends! After the meal and dessert had settled we had the privilege of listening in while Steve worked with the Browns as they prepared for their newest project. They sounded great and it was a real blessing to hear them and the new material they are using and writing!

We recapped the day as Steve rode back to town with us and we all agreed it couldn’t have been better!

Part 2 of this update will be along shortly. We have a lot of catching up to do as we’ve had an interesting few weeks, so stay tuned! God Bless!! CDD


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