Posted by: charlesdamschen | September 6, 2004

Party in the Patch

Rain, rain, rain . . . we’ve had a lot of it this summer, and although it’s put some things to a halt (like harvest), it didn’t seem to slow anyone down yesterday—let me explain . . .

Yesterday afternoon several of us crowded under a canopy in the Patrie’s backyard near Bowdon, ND. We were waiting for what we thought was just a shower to pass over so that we could begin our afternoon of gospel music at the raspberry farm—AKA “Party in the Patch.” We were invited by L&L Ministries and the Patrie’s to be a part of this first-time event along with the Waddingtons, Master’s Plan, Prairie Gospel Quartet, and our good friend Anita Schindler.

The rains we thought would pass just kept coming, so the small group in the backyard transferred into the garage where lunch was being served by Bowdon Church of God. While they ate, we ran into town to set up our sound equipment at the Community Center—“the show must go on!”

At the Community Center we were greeted with a group of folks ready and willing to help. In a matter of minutes, we had tables folded up, chairs put out, sound equipment ready to go, and a room full of people who love gospel music!

. . . and let me tell you, those people LOVE gospel music. They were still listening and clapping along after five hours! (We had “fuel” though—the ladies who had been serving lunch out at the farm also transferred into town, so we had a “concessions” stand where we could get all kinds of good stuff—the fresh raspberry sundaes were a favorite.)

Fresh raspberry sundaes, gospel music, amazing musicians, old and new friends . . . no need to say that it really was a great day.

Remember to think about coming with us on our bus tour to the Midwest Quartet Convention in Des Moines, IA—November 4-7, 2004. Let us know if you’re interested!

Oh, and one more thing . . . if you’re interested in picking fresh raspberries or getting ahold of some great homemade raspberry products, check out the Patrie’s website at

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