Posted by: charlesdamschen | October 18, 2004

Snow in October?!

After having last weekend “off,” we were back into the swing of things this past weekend singing Saturday evening in Bisbee, ND and traveling out to Regan, ND on Sunday.

The Lutheran church in Bisbee held their usual Sunday-morning service on Saturday evening and that’s what we got to be a part of. It was nice to sing closer to home and to have some of our good friends and family from right here in the audience. It’s always fun, too, to meet new people. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

Another little bonus of singing closer to home is the driving time. We were glad we didn’t have too far to go to get home on Saturday night . . . we had to be back on the road by 6:00am the next morning to be at Regan for their Harvest Festival service!

In spite of the short night we got going early Sunday morning and things were going well until we ran into SNOW just south of Rugby. From there all the way to Regan we drove on narrow, winding roads covered in slush and snow (Several of the van’s passengers commented more than once, “I don’t like this!”)! We pulled into the Assembly of God church in Regan about 30 minutes before the service started. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief when we finally got there! It seemed that everyone had experienced some amount of driving difficulty–I overheard one lady say to another, “Well, we’re either brave or just dumb to come out today!”:) . . . Only in North Dakota will you drive in snow on your way to Harvest Festival Sunday in the middle of October.

Snow or no snow, we were glad to be there. The church’s pastor is Pastor Wes Glennen who used to serve in Cando, ND. Needless to say, it was fun to catch up with him and reminisce during dinner . . . speaking of dinner, we had some of the most amazing homemade buns, compliments of one of the church ladies. Yum.

Sunday was also Chuck and Alice’s 28th wedding anniversary. After the service we were visiting with a lady who said to them, “Oh, you’re just starting out!” She and her husband have been married for 67 years! As far as I can tell, every anniversary is a testimony of God’s love and grace.

Along with the usual weekend singing stuff, we’re gearing up for the MWQA Bus Tour. Sign up ASAP if you’re interested . . . and tell your friends about it! We’re looking forward to a great time in Des Moines November 4-7.

We’re also beginning to think about upcoming Christmas events—Minneapolis, Cando, and Devils Lake that we know of so far. We’ll keep you posted on details or feel free to contact us for more information!


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