Posted by: charlesdamschen | April 11, 2005

Special Events

It’s been awhile since our last update. . . can’t believe how fast time has gone!

Last weekend we sang at a very special wedding anniversary celebration in Manitoba. Cathy’s parents celebrated 50 years of marriage! At her father’s request, we learned an old Stan Rogers song called “Field Behind the Plow” and sang that (and a few others) for the Saturday program. Cathy’s seven siblings were all there as well as many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and family friends. Many of them had never heard Special Delivery‘s music so it was fun to share with them.

After a short night (thanks to a long day and Daylight Savings Time), we got up and headed to Bisbee and sang at the Lutheran church. They’re church is without a pastor right now, so we were glad to be able to fill-in for the morning service. Of course since we were so close to home, we saw lots of familiar faces and enjoyed our time with friends there.

Chuck is busy finishing up in the ND Legislature. He’ll be back later this month so we’ll try to get into a regular practice schedule again! We’ve had some new opportunities in the Bismarck area because of him being there. We were invited to sing on the steps of the State Capitol for the National Day of Prayer service coming up on May 5 . . . Unfortunately it didn’t work with our schedule, but we were honored by the invitation.

Due to responsibilities in Bismarck, my Dad couldn’t come to the Vocal Training Seminar this year, so Cathy and I went as a duo. We just got back from spending the weekend at the seminar hosted by the Browns in Le Mars, IA with vocal coach Steve Hurst. Not only does Steve have extensive experience in his field, but he has an amazing heart for ministry and is a tremendous encouragement to those he coaches. We are always so blessed by our time with him.

We are working on our schedule, so be watching the website for a calendar of upcoming events. Hope to see you somewhere along the road!



  1. HI Special Delivery! Just wanted to say how much I loved being with you in LeMars! Can't wait to see you again in your own HOMETOWN! Miss you!Rachel

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