Posted by: charlesdamschen | April 25, 2005

Hello Friends! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks and we have much to catch up on! Here’s a run down of the past weeks’ events. . .

Singing in the Sale Ring

. . . that’s right. Sawdust and everything. Last weekend we sang for an event with the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys, a branch of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The event was held at the Kist Livestock barn in Mandan and we sang right down in the sale ring on a clean bed of sawdust! We met some special people, enjoyed the music of new friends, and were real glad to be a part of the evening.

The next evening we sang at the Cornerstone Community Church in Bismarck. This was one of the first times they had done a Sunday evening event and they had a great turnout . . . among the crowd were several of Chuck’s friends and co-workers from the ND Legislature. We really appreciated having them there! Thanks to everyone at Cornerstone for making the evening so enjoyable!

. . . A Reunion with Joyce!

In the wee hours of this morning we pulled in after spending the weekend singing down in the Fargo “and beyond” area. Saturday night we sang for our very dear friends at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse in Fargo. We saw lots of old friends, family, and even some people from home who came out for the evening at Cornerstone. It’s such a blessing to have that support. The first 30 minutes of the concert at Cornerstone was just Cathy and Naomi. . . Chuck was on his way from Bismarck as the Legislative Session had gone longer than expected! We were all glad to finally see him walk in the door!

On Sunday we headed south to Breckenridge, MN at the request of our dear friend and long-time supporter, Joyce McCahan. Joyce lived in Cando for many years and recently moved down to Breckenridge. She talked so much about Special Delivery that someone decided to invite us down to sing! (Thanks, Joyce!) We sang at the St. Francis Nursing Home in the afternoon and at Valley Christian Assembly in the evening. . . all thanks to Joyce and her friends who were willing to have us! It was a special event for all of us and it was so good to see Joyce in the front row again (here’s a picture of us with her!). Hope to see you all again very soon!

We’re gearing up for a busy summer! We have a calendar of events up and running here on the website so we’ll try to keep that updated for you. Many blessings!


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