Posted by: charlesdamschen | May 3, 2005

It’s always nice to sing close to home. . .

We spent last Sunday morning singing in Devils Lake, ND at Peace Lutheran Church. Special Delivery did their first-ever concert at Peace about 13 years ago! We sang there last summer when they were without a pastor and again now since their new pastor doesn’t arrive until July. We drove through patches of blowing snow (on the first of May!?) to get there. In spite of the crazy “spring” weather, there was a nice crowd . . . many familiar faces! Thanks to everyone at Peace for having us and making the morning so enjoyable!

We’ll spend this Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day and then sing the following Sunday in Devils Lake, ND again. . . this time at Our Savior’s Lutheran. Our events for each month are now posted on a calendar on our website. Hopefully this will help you keep track not only of where we’ve been, but also where we will be!

We appreciate your continued prayers for our ministry as we travel, especially with a busy summer coming up. The Lord has been faithful to provide for our needs! We trust Him to continue to do so. . . for each of you, as well.

Blessings to you!


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