Posted by: charlesdamschen | July 4, 2005

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to our sound man, Ron Anfinson! πŸ˜‰

We’ve enjoyed a couple of Sundays “off” (Father’s Day and yesterday), but we’re also looking forward to some very special upcoming events . . . more to come on that in a minute.

Last weekend we sang in Reva and Buffalo, both in northwestern South Dakota. We have some friends there who are pastors and they arranged a couple of events for us. We sang in their church on Sunday morning and then had the afternoon to rest, visit, and even see some sights. . . . such beautiful country down there!

Sunday night we sang at a coffee house in Buffalo, SD. On our way, we got caught in a rain and hail storm which caused the power to go out! We set up our sound equipment in the dark, thinking the power might come back on before the concert started. . . but made a list of songs we could do family style (just guitar and voices with no sound system) incase it didn’t. We ended up singing family style in the dark (!) for most of the concert. . . the power finally came back on when we had 3 songs left. It was great!! Really, I think everyone felt like that was exactly how it was supposed to happen. It was a very intimate time of fellowship and the Lord’s presence was there.

Never a dull moment. . . πŸ™‚ This Friday we sing in Cedar Falls, Iowa at a Gospel Sing (formerly the Pella Sing). We’re looking forward to seeing friends there! We’ll spend the weekend in the Twin Cities singing at the wedding of some dear friends and at a church in Blaine, MN on Sunday morning. We appreciate your prayers for us as we travel and seek to share the Lord’s love and grace through our music.

Keep in touch!


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