Posted by: charlesdamschen | January 26, 2006

Getting back into the swing . . .

The past couple of months have been a little out of the “norm” for us, but we’re slowly making our way back into the routine. After the Midwest Quartet Convention the first weekend of November, we concentrated our time on getting ready for Christmas concerts.

Our last Christmas concert of the season was on December 22 at Lighthouse Assembly of God in Fort Totten, ND. The church was decorated beautifully with lights, trees, and candles. We had lots of very special friends and family there, too, and it was definately a blessing for us to be there.

We’ve spent most of January trying to brush up on our usual selection of songs . . . funny how fast a person can forget those! Also trying to work on scheduling and bookings close to home . . . the gas prices have been hard on us, but we’re asking and trusting the Lord to provide.

We filled in this past Sunday for Pastor Gunderson at Cando Lutheran Church. Pastor Keith is in Louisiana for 6 weeks helping with some re-building projects. We were glad to be able to help with music and be close to home. Part of our filling-in was also doing afternoon church services at St. Francis Assisted Living and Towner County Living Center both in Cando, ND. We did both of those services “family-style” (no sound system–just Dad with his Martin guitar). I think everyone enjoys the living-room atmosphere that provides . . . we sure did.

Please keep the ministry of Special Delivery in your prayers. The Lord knows our needs and has promised to provide . . . and we trust Him to continue to do that. Thanks for your prayers.


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