Posted by: charlesdamschen | April 18, 2006

April events

Sunday, April 2 we sang at the Lutheran Church in Starkweather, ND. The crowd was small, but full of special people. It seems like there is a certain intimacy with a small group and we enjoyed the more personal atmosphere. Among the few people were my grandparents from Minnesota who surprised us by driving up for the concert!

We spent April 8 and 9 in Sioux Falls, SD singing at a Gospel Sing on Saturday and Sunday and at the Sunday morning service–all at First Christian Church. We were especially blessed that weekend by fellowship with good friends who we don’t often get to see. We stayed with Joel and Bonita Juillard from Master’s Voice and enjoyed time with them. Also enjoyed time with a dear friend (Rachel, daughter of Dixie from Three Redeemed) from Floyd, IA who drove to Sioux Falls to see us. We continue to be amazed and so thankful for the friends the Lord has blessed us with through this ministry.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Blessings . . .

NJD for Special Delivery

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