Posted by: charlesdamschen | December 12, 2006

Extravaganza to Christmas: Catch-up

Wow! It’s amazing how quickly time has past, putting this update long overdue! Thanks for your patience-it seems it has been difficult to make time for our website. 2006 has been a year of less concerts (more personal/family/friends/jobs/obligations) and staying closer to home (expensive gas). Even so, concerts are a large part of what’s kept us busy.

As Naomi updated through the 21st of August I’ll pick up at the 27th of that month. We had a great time at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Devils Lake, ND, as we had a part in their 10:00 o’clock Sunday worship service. It’s fun to get better acquainted with people when we return to a church and fun to see old friends as well!

The afternoon of 8/27 found us traveling to Stanley, ND, to another Our Saviors Lutheran, an AFLC Church that has made an annual event of Special Delivery concerts for 12 years or longer. More familiar faces and old friends and back on the road home!

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend we had the privilege of being back at the Cooperstown Bible Camp leading worship at the morning and evening services. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed some outdoor activities. Charlie and Erika (Chuck & Alice’s son and daughter-in-law)were visiting for the weekend and were able to join us for the day at camp. Our friends at Cooperstown Camp are becoming more and more familiar with each visit. More blessings!

The next event I find on my calendar, which has also been neglected and could be as inaccurate as my memory, is on the 15th of October. The United Methodist Church in Devils Lake, ND, had invited us for their 8:45 and 11:oo a.m. services. Again we were amongst friends and enjoyed coffee and snacks besides fellowship and worship together.

November was Special D’s “international ministry month”! The Fellowship Community Church in Goodlands, MB, Canada, invited us to help celebrate their 15th anniversary with a coffee-house-setting concert on the 11th of November and a part in the Sunday morning worship service. Of course food and fellowship followed and once again we realized the blessing of the friendships that have been formed through our ministy of music!

On to the Spirit Lake Nation for Harvest Festival celebration at the Fort Totten Assembly of God Church on the morning of 11/19. This is another church that has become close to us since our first visit there just a little more than a year ago. Following a delicious harvest festival lunch were packed up and were back on the road to Melita, MB, Canada. The Melita United Church of Canada treated us to a wonderful supper after which we performed a concert to a very appreciative crowd. We had been in this church for a Sunday morning service many years ago, but we realized we were amongst dear friends as soon as we arrived!

December 10, 2:30 p.m. we did our fourteenth annual Christmas Concert at the Audi Theater in Cando, ND. We were joined by special guests Loretta Stensland and Paula Deckert who truly blessed us with their music and testimony. The weather was nice, which may have contributed to the sparse crowd. We had hoped the nice weather would bring out the crowd and I guess it did in terms of special people! We just would have liked to have had all of you there!

That’s a very brief update of the last few months. I know many details are missing but hopefully we can be more timely with updates and provide more detail in the future. For now, mark your calendars for 2:00 p.m., December 31, 2006, for our Christmas concert at Westminister Presbyterian Church in Devils Lake, ND. This will be a repeat of the Audi concert. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our prayer for you is that you & yours have a very Merry Christmas celebrating the reason for the season, the birth of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. CDD


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