Posted by: charlesdamschen | February 19, 2007


We forgot to mention the Mid West Quartet Association (MWQA) in Des Moines Iowa on Nov. 3rd and 4th 2006. We attended the Thursday Nov 2nd banquet concert which was a good time of singing and worship. Everyone sat around tables and listened to several groups sharing, laughing and singing. The next two days were filled with over 30 groups singing at Grace Church in Des Moines. We saw old friends and made new ones–were else can you rub elbows with great musicians and talk to the wonderful people who attend the convention to hear Southern Gospel music.

January 14th 7:30AM we made our way to the Rolla United Methodist Church –Rev. Dr. Timothy Mc Dowell asked us to worship with Rolla, Rock Lake and Cando United Methodist Churchs.
Because of the time from Rolla to Rock Lake and to Cando we decided to do the first two services FAMILY STYLE–aka –UNPLUGGED–with out sound equipment–as the sound tech —-I thought it was a good idea.
Even though it was a very cold morning, the warmth from the Rolla and Rock Lake congregations made the services truly a memorable “FAMILY” style.
We set up the sound equipment in Cando and were honored with the same warm reception and sense of community. Sometimes its more nerve racking when you sing close to home.

February 11th at the First Lutheran Church in Washburn North Dakota –approx. 35 Miles north of Bismarck. We want to thank Pastor Erick and Kathy Johnson for helping make the connection to worship with that church. Pastor Erick and his family were in Edmore North Dakota before Washburn, so it was a bit of a reunion.
It’s a little disconcerting for Musicians/singers to find out that there are THREE —count-em —THREE !!!—music teachers in the congregation–and TWO of them were Naomi’s previous music teachers. Well–by the Grace of God —-Chuck, Cathy, and Naomi survived the nervousness and had a good time praising the Lord.
Thank you Washburn First Lutheran Church for hospitality and the blessings you have bestowed on us.

Later that afternoon we visited Pastor Ed, Ellen, and Bill Tornow who live in Bismarck. Pastor Tornow ran a youth camp (DYR) in the Devils Lake region bordering the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation and are long time friends of the Damschen family.
Pastor Tornow is a violin player extraordinaire and his son Bill, writes symphonies for fun– I could only imagine.
They were pleased to see that Gabe, Chuck’s youngest, just started to play the violin.

Pastor Tornow— playing a song I can’t pronounce the name of.

Thank you for reading this and God Bless.


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