Posted by: charlesdamschen | April 8, 2007

St. Andrews Anglican Church March 25th 2007

Hello !—-and thank you to St. Andrews for asking Special Delivery to sing. What a beautiful day to drive up to Deloraine Manitoba.

Catherine Anfinson ( Stewart) was very happy to have some of the STEWART CLAN there and lots of friends that we haven’t seen for quite some time.

There is always some stress when you sing to people you know—everyone in the group wants to do their best so the inevitable errors seem to stand out. As the sound tech, one of my jobs is to play the “correct” back ground sound track on certain songs—well—-I wasn’t even close on one and Chuck had to fill in (stall) while I found the correct track—you know after all these years -it doesn’t bother me– to much –when everyone turns around and looks back at the blatant offender—I guess I have made so many–But I would have preferred it not to happen so close to my “adopted” home.

No worries–it was a privilege and a blessing to spend a great Sunday afternoon with friends,relatives, and a community that has the special ability to make anyone feel at home–I can not think of a better way to offer praises to the Lord.

Duncan Stewart and family graced us with supper and also with some the latest in barnyard fashion foot wear.

A tour of the barn yard featuring the new calves was a definite necessity.

Thank you for your prayers and support–we truly appreciate you and praise God for you.

Stewart family ( and a couple of non -bloods).
Left to right Ron (me) Donna, David, Catherine, Duncan, and Airdrie up front.

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