Posted by: charlesdamschen | November 13, 2007

Mid West Quartet Association Convention started on November 1st–Thursday evening with the dinner and Quartet showcase . We came in late –the 12 & 1/2 hours driving just seemed to take longer than it should. The Thursday evening Showcase Concerts were in Gym at Grace Church in Des Moines.

Starting Friday and ending Saturday night approx. 24 groups performed in the Sanctuary of the church. What a good way to see a lot of different groups with about 18 hours of music.
We really enjoy the convention–it is great to see people we know and quite often this is the only time we get to visit with them.
This year I believe there were 2 groups new to the NWQA –The Walkers and Still Water.

Special Delivery was honored by being asked to provide the praise music for the start of the business meeting on Saturday morning at 7:30AM.
The business meeting was held in the church’s choir room -and-to hear all those voices singing “Draw me Lord” was unlike anything I have ever heard. It was truly Praise and Worship!!

There were so many things that happened –which is why MWQA is truly an “event” for any one that attends–I can barely cover a few here.

Special Delivery wants to thank all of our friends that came from several parts of North Dakota to make the convention even more special. I think that we had more people that attended than the groups in the Des Moines area.

Saturday night we ended with a short eat and sing at the hotel (Heartland Inn) hospitality room –it is becoming a tradition. What a great time to visit and sing a few songs.
Sunday Morning we made the 20 minute trek to Dallas Center —- West and North of Des Moines—- for a Sunday Morning concert at the Church of the Brethren where Randy Johnson and his wife Kathy serve as pastors.
Cathy and I belong to the Brethren Church in Cando where Randy had served under Pastor Bud Sechler several years ago. It was a very good way to end a busy and interesting weekend. The kind folks at Dallas Center honored us by allowing us to be a part of their worship service.
We arrived home at about 3AM–and were very glad that we took Monday off from work–probably would not have functioned to well.

Thanks for Reading this.

Ron -the sound guy 🙂


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