Posted by: charlesdamschen | September 15, 2010


Greetings friends! Yes, we are still here in spite of the fact that we have been so removed from cyberspace. We really mean to keep our website current but that, as you well know, has not been the case. A number of factors have entered into that result, but suffice it to say, this is the beginning of a huge attempt at actually doing so.

I could not do justice to the events that we’ve participated in since our last update so I won’t try to catch up on each one. I can say that each event has been just as special to us as the next whether or not we specifically comment on it here! We appreciate every opportunity we have had to share gospel music.

Just a few events we will try to touch on soon: Floyd Gospel Sing & Church of Christ (Nashua,IA) – just last weekend: Int’l Country Gospel Music Fest at the Peace Gardens in mid August: 10th Annual Gospel Extravaganza in the Cando City Park – Aug. 8.

Our schedule has been very slow this past year for various reasons but we are still singing, working on new material, and ready and anxious to come and sing for your special event!

More to come soon!

Chuck for Sp’l D


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