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Cando Park- Gospel Sing

Sunday August 2nd, 2009
9th Annual Gospel Extravaganza, Cando Park

Special Delivery- Cando and Hampden ND
Hills and Plains Country Gospel- Bottineau, ND
Risen – Belcourt, ND
The Master’s Plan-Bismarck ND
High Plains Gospel Trio- Edmore ND
Grace Notes- Fessenden, ND
Maynard Lavallie Country Gospel-Gillette WY
Amy Redding and Family-Northwood, ND
Prairie Gospel Quartet- Minot ND

Bring blankets or lawn chairs and your friends!
If it rains we will set up in the Audi Theatre.

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Singing with the Odd Fellows

Hello everyone–this Good Friday Special D had the opportunity to sing in Devils Lake North Dakota at the Odd Fellows home. It was an afternoon affair in the lunch room.
We wish to thank the home for asking us to sing and we enjoyed the visiting and singing by the residents.
Good Friday is the time to remember what our Lord went through to enable us to be acceptable to God. The only way that we can get to God is through Jesus Christ. We need to accept him personally and allow him to live in us.
Sunday, we can sing his praises for he has been victorious over death and thrown our sins as far as the East is from the West. He has risen indeed!!!

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North Dakota Family Alliance

Hello everyone–sorry for the delay of our new updates– combinations of possible job loss, sickness , and slow internet made me neglect the postings -(everything except the slow internet seems to be resolved)–I ask for your forgiveness.

I will start from the last concert –We were at Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Devils Lake (not far to go–nice) on Sunday February 24 to give a benefit Concert for the North Dakota Family Alliance with Tom D. Freier (Executive Director) was speaking .
Their web site is just click on this link to check it out.
The following is their history from the website.

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Mid West Quartet Association Convention started on November 1st–Thursday evening with the dinner and Quartet showcase . We came in late –the 12 & 1/2 hours driving just seemed to take longer than it should. The Thursday evening Showcase Concerts were in Gym at Grace Church in Des Moines.

Starting Friday and ending Saturday night approx. 24 groups performed in the Sanctuary of the church. What a good way to see a lot of different groups with about 18 hours of music.
We really enjoy the convention–it is great to see people we know and quite often this is the only time we get to visit with them.
This year I believe there were 2 groups new to the NWQA –The Walkers and Still Water.

Special Delivery was honored by being asked to provide the praise music for the start of the business meeting on Saturday morning at 7:30AM.
The business meeting was held in the church’s choir room -and-to hear all those voices singing “Draw me Lord” was unlike anything I have ever heard. It was truly Praise and Worship!!

There were so many things that happened –which is why MWQA is truly an “event” for any one that attends–I can barely cover a few here.

Special Delivery wants to thank all of our friends that came from several parts of North Dakota to make the convention even more special. I think that we had more people that attended than the groups in the Des Moines area.

Saturday night we ended with a short eat and sing at the hotel (Heartland Inn) hospitality room –it is becoming a tradition. What a great time to visit and sing a few songs.
Sunday Morning we made the 20 minute trek to Dallas Center —- West and North of Des Moines—- for a Sunday Morning concert at the Church of the Brethren where Randy Johnson and his wife Kathy serve as pastors.
Cathy and I belong to the Brethren Church in Cando where Randy had served under Pastor Bud Sechler several years ago. It was a very good way to end a busy and interesting weekend. The kind folks at Dallas Center honored us by allowing us to be a part of their worship service.
We arrived home at about 3AM–and were very glad that we took Monday off from work–probably would not have functioned to well.

Thanks for Reading this.

Ron -the sound guy 🙂

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MidWest Quartet Association

Hello –coming up next week is the annual trek to Des Moines Iowa for the Mid West Quartet Association. It Starts on Thursday November 1st 6PM at the Grace Church in Des Moines with the Dinner and Showcase in the Family Life Center. Friday starts the main concerts and Saturday night will be the end. Click on the following link for more info:
Or go to Google and type in Mid West Quartet Convention.

The last few months have gone by exceptionally fast.
On Labor Day weekend Cooperstown Bible Camp
Labor Day Family Camp
August 31 – September 3, 2007

Speaker: Dr. Phil Brown
Worship: Special Delivery
asked Special Delivery to do the Praise and Worship for the 3 day family camp. Because of harvest Chuck was not able to be there so they agreed to have Cathy provide it. Having Sung there before made the decision a little less stressful for Catherine. She agreed to do it. What a great time –although was definitely not stress free. I typed the words on a Power Point like presentation and went armed with a jump drive, guitar and all the equipment.

We had a Friday night Session–Sat morning Session –Sat Evening Session– Sunday morning
session–Sunday evening session—and a Monday morning session.
Dr. Phil Brown ( this Dr. Phil is not on the Oprah show) teaches at a Fargo Christian school and spoke on relationships ( he also had some power points and video clips). Dr. Phil had a great way of getting the message across while giving God the Glory. Cathy and I came to appreciate Dr. Phil and his love for the Lord–it was Unmistakable.

Check out the Cooperstown Bible Camp website –lots of things to keep kids -dads–& Moms busy –can you say High Ropes (and I mean high)– wall climbing and even a zip line !!!

Chuck, Naomi, Alice and Gabe were able to be there on Sunday which was great and added a lot to the worship. I —as the sound guy–was also the power point guy–definitely a NEW experience.
Cathy was doing the other days by herself and I think It helped her mature as a singer to do things out of her comfort zone.

Grant Schelkoph (camp director) did a great job –I can see why families keep coming back year after year–some have turned it into a family tradition.
Sorry for the long delay with the updates–it has been quite busy the last few months including a weekend in Birtel Manitoba Singing–but that is another story.

Thanks for reading —Ron

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7th Annual Gospel Extravanganza

August 5th at the Cando City Park in Cando ND at 1PM will be the begining of the 7th Annual sing in the park.
Groups participating will be= Dave Rostberg from Larimore ND —Oasisi from Devils Lake ND—Simply Krisit from Fosston MN—The Master’s Plan from Bismarck ND—Hills & Plains Country Gospel coming from Bottineau, ND—Dave Frith from Minneapolis MN and Special Delivery will end the afternoon.

The tenative schedule for performances are as follows:

1. Simply Kristi 1:30-2:00
2.Oasis 2:15-2:45
3.Mylo blue Grass 3:00-3:15
4.Dave Rostberg 3:30-4:00
5.The Master’s Plan 4:15-4:45
6.Hills & Plains Country Gospel 5:00-5:30
7.Dave Frith 5:45-6:15
8. Special Delivery 6:30-7:00

Bring Lawn Chairs -and be ready to relax in the beautiful Cando Park while listening to uplifting gospel music.
-there will be free swimming for the kids–food venders as well as arts and Craft venders in the park.
There is no addmission fee—strictly free will offering.
We want to thank the Cando Arts Council for sponsoring this event.

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Here we go again

Sunday May 20th 2007

Today we were singing at Churches Ferry Zion Luthern Church approx 15 miles from my house. It was very nice to not drive for hours (and fill up the van with gas several times ). We appreciate the local churches who allow us to help with their workship–it is an honor and a privilege. Thank you Zion Lutheran.

That afternoon our tour ended in Egeland North Dakota –about 15 miles the opposite direction from my house. Egeland had an ice cream and Pie social for a community event. It has been a long time since I have seen so many wonderful looking pies in one place.

Gabrielle is utilizing her violn training in this song while in Egeland——–with her teacher in the audience of course. It is amazing how often that happens.

Good job Gabe!

April 28th found us at Cornerstone Coffee House in Down town Fargo. The Cornerstone has come to have a special place in our hearts as we have gotten to know alot of the regulars and the people working there.

Bob was there –he has had some major health problems, but the Lord decided he needed to stay around for a while longer.

Cornerstone Ministries will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary on June 9th–WOW—They operate on an annual budget of approx. $13,000 with 100% volunteer staff with one fundraiser per year. —-I hope the federal government is reading this. —–The focus of the Cornerstone has been to provide a “stepping stone” to the church for new believers as well as for those who have drifted away. For more information their web address is = just click on this link. This is a local ministrie that needs our support. We love this place!!!

April 29th

Our next stop was on Sunday afternoon in Grand Forks at the Heritage Maples retirement center. What a joy to be singing and visiting with the residents . Thank you Pastor for asking us.
Our final concert for the day was in Sundahl Luthern Church in Aneta. I am always amazed at the people we meet.
Sometimes you feel like you have known them a long time and you have just met.

Notice how tall Cathy (the front one) is in this picture compared to every one else.

Thank you Sundahl Lutheran –it was a great way to end a good day.

Bye for now and God Bless !!!

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St. Andrews Anglican Church March 25th 2007

Hello !—-and thank you to St. Andrews for asking Special Delivery to sing. What a beautiful day to drive up to Deloraine Manitoba.

Catherine Anfinson ( Stewart) was very happy to have some of the STEWART CLAN there and lots of friends that we haven’t seen for quite some time.

There is always some stress when you sing to people you know—everyone in the group wants to do their best so the inevitable errors seem to stand out. As the sound tech, one of my jobs is to play the “correct” back ground sound track on certain songs—well—-I wasn’t even close on one and Chuck had to fill in (stall) while I found the correct track—you know after all these years -it doesn’t bother me– to much –when everyone turns around and looks back at the blatant offender—I guess I have made so many–But I would have preferred it not to happen so close to my “adopted” home.

No worries–it was a privilege and a blessing to spend a great Sunday afternoon with friends,relatives, and a community that has the special ability to make anyone feel at home–I can not think of a better way to offer praises to the Lord.

Duncan Stewart and family graced us with supper and also with some the latest in barnyard fashion foot wear.

A tour of the barn yard featuring the new calves was a definite necessity.

Thank you for your prayers and support–we truly appreciate you and praise God for you.

Stewart family ( and a couple of non -bloods).
Left to right Ron (me) Donna, David, Catherine, Duncan, and Airdrie up front.
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We forgot to mention the Mid West Quartet Association (MWQA) in Des Moines Iowa on Nov. 3rd and 4th 2006. We attended the Thursday Nov 2nd banquet concert which was a good time of singing and worship. Everyone sat around tables and listened to several groups sharing, laughing and singing. The next two days were filled with over 30 groups singing at Grace Church in Des Moines. We saw old friends and made new ones–were else can you rub elbows with great musicians and talk to the wonderful people who attend the convention to hear Southern Gospel music.

January 14th 7:30AM we made our way to the Rolla United Methodist Church –Rev. Dr. Timothy Mc Dowell asked us to worship with Rolla, Rock Lake and Cando United Methodist Churchs.
Because of the time from Rolla to Rock Lake and to Cando we decided to do the first two services FAMILY STYLE–aka –UNPLUGGED–with out sound equipment–as the sound tech —-I thought it was a good idea.
Even though it was a very cold morning, the warmth from the Rolla and Rock Lake congregations made the services truly a memorable “FAMILY” style.
We set up the sound equipment in Cando and were honored with the same warm reception and sense of community. Sometimes its more nerve racking when you sing close to home.

February 11th at the First Lutheran Church in Washburn North Dakota –approx. 35 Miles north of Bismarck. We want to thank Pastor Erick and Kathy Johnson for helping make the connection to worship with that church. Pastor Erick and his family were in Edmore North Dakota before Washburn, so it was a bit of a reunion.
It’s a little disconcerting for Musicians/singers to find out that there are THREE —count-em —THREE !!!—music teachers in the congregation–and TWO of them were Naomi’s previous music teachers. Well–by the Grace of God —-Chuck, Cathy, and Naomi survived the nervousness and had a good time praising the Lord.
Thank you Washburn First Lutheran Church for hospitality and the blessings you have bestowed on us.

Later that afternoon we visited Pastor Ed, Ellen, and Bill Tornow who live in Bismarck. Pastor Tornow ran a youth camp (DYR) in the Devils Lake region bordering the Spirit Lake Nation Reservation and are long time friends of the Damschen family.
Pastor Tornow is a violin player extraordinaire and his son Bill, writes symphonies for fun– I could only imagine.
They were pleased to see that Gabe, Chuck’s youngest, just started to play the violin.

Pastor Tornow— playing a song I can’t pronounce the name of.

Thank you for reading this and God Bless.

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Christmas Concert
Sunday December 31, 2006, 2:00 pm
Westminister Presbyterian Church
Devils Lake, ND

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