Posted by: charlesdamschen | February 27, 2004

Up Close and Personal

Church services and concerts are always great blessings to us! But every now and then when we have a weekend “off” we stop by a hospital or rest home and share a song or two with anyone who might care to listen. When the hospital or rest home is in our home town we feel a real connection!

Sunday, February 8, was one such day. We were privileged to sing to a small group of listeners at St. Francis, the swing-bed facility of the Towner County Medical Center. The folks gathered ’round as we played guitar and sang, and they joined in on a few familiar old hymns. It was fun to see and feel the appreciation these people had for the time we spent there, and it was very evident in their smiles and greetings and handshakes!

Next stop was the Towner County Living Center where we sang to the residents as they had their evening meal. Again we just used the guitar and our voices (Sp’l D Unplugged) and moved to a couple of different spots in the dining area so all would get a chance to hear. One fellow wheeled up right behind us ( in his wheelchair!)when we first started singing and parked there till we moved! There were a couple of personal appearances on this stop, in private rooms for some who couldn’t get to the dining room.

We felt a real sense of fulfillment as we concluded the day’s activities with supper and fellowship at Ron & Cathy’s home. We were reminded of how essential this particular facet of our ministry is and of what a blessing it is to see others blessed! We see this at concerts and church services too, but there is something about going to someone who can’t come to you that increases our understanding of how our ministry is being used.

Several days later as we shared special music at a funeral, we were thankful for having had the opportunity to present God’s word through music in this same person’s room at the Towner County Living Center. We were also honored that his family would call on us in their time of loss. CD


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