Posted by: charlesdamschen | February 28, 2004

Heart to Heart

Several churches received their valentines “Special Delivery” this year.

We started early with a Valentines banquet at St. Olaf Lutheran in Devils Lake, ND, on Feb. 13! What a nice group of people! They ate good, laughed heartily, and encouraged our music. We enjoyed being with them again and were entertained by the M.C. and the Pastor and his wife who told us about the Lutheran Airlines venture. (Oofda!) We enjoyed a special time of visiting with many there as the evening wound down.

Sunday, Feb. 15, we joined Ebenezer Lutheran Brethren Church in Rolette, ND, where we had a great worship service! We discovered that it had been about six years since we had been at their church and agreed that we should get together more often! They topped off the occasion with a delicious potluck dinner and fellowship to match! We enjoyed seeing some old friends (this is Ron’s high school stomping ground) and meeting pastor Rocky. We sure appreciated the help carrying our equipment in and out and we were on our way, encouraged for our next stop – Antler Lutheran Brethren Church!

We arrived at the Antler LB on schedule and had a fine reunion with Pastor & Mrs. Al Strand! Pastor Strand performed Ron & Cathy’s wedding all those years ago! The rest of us knew him from his years in Bottineau and special meetings at our church.

The fun continued with entertainment by the Lefsa Lady, who inspired a lot of laughs. It was a tough act to follow, but we were next. At least I had an excuse for telling my jokes, and everyone was well primed for them. 🙂 We were truly blest by the time we had sharing about love (as this, too, was a Valentines banquet) and the most important love of all, the love of God who sacrificed His only Son that a world of sinners can receive the gift of eternal life if they will accept it!

After the concert we sat down to a delicious meal, more great fellowship, reunions with old friends, and more new friends! Again we received much appreciated help with our equipment and once loaded up, we headed for home with a short stop in Bottineau to pick up Gabie, who had stayed with Auntie Ann (thanks Ann!) and short visit with Harold (Alice’s Dad), then on home.

As time goes on we build more and more special memories. We are so thankful for these and know there will be many more. Also, with the changes within Special Delivery, we are realizing how blest we are to have Naomi involved! And that is not just a prejudiced statement from her father!

We’re excited for the concerts on the 29th of Feb. and will keep you posted. We have a busy, exciting March schedule that we will tell you about in the near future! Until then, we welcome your comments and covet your prayers! God bless! CD


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