Posted by: charlesdamschen | October 4, 2004

Fun in Fargo

. . . what a great weekend! For those of you who maybe didn’t catch the last update, we spent this past weekend in Fargo—listening, singing, and having special family time.

The “listening” part came in Friday night when we were blessed to worship with Sara Groves and Joel Hanson at KFNW’s Sharathon concert held at Bethel E-Free. My aunt and two of Ron and Cathy’s boys joined us for the concert and a late dinner afterwards (that’s where “special family time” came in). It was a great evening.

More great family time on Friday night and Saturday when we had the PLEASURE of staying at my aunt and uncle’s home in Fargo and being pampered (bordering on “spoiled”) by my aunt Audrey. Really—the Lord has given her an amazing gift for hospitality and we were blessed to be on the receiving end!! Thank you, dear Audrey!

Saturday evening we sang at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse. In addition to our dear friends there, we had some extra family and friends from home who came to Cornerstone. It is always such a blessing and encouragement to have the support of loved ones—and so fun to see old friends.

Did I mention that Saturday was Cathy’s birthday?! We surprised her with a cake and celebrated with everyone at Cornerstone.

Sunday morning we sang at Canaan Moravian church southwest of Fargo. It was a beautiful old country church. We had met the Pastor and his wife last August at the funeral of our dear friend, Ken Schindler. (Pastor Belzer was a childhood friend of Ken’s and performed his funeral service.) It was special to meet them again and get to know them under different circumstances. They’ve got a special group of people there and were so glad to be able to be a part of their service.

Did I mention that Sunday was Carl’s birthday?! (Ron and Cathy’s youngest son) We didn’t surprise him with much . . . but we did take him out to Chili’s for lunch. 🙂

Thanks for keeping up with us via this website! Don’t forget to tell your friends about our bus tour to MWQA in Des Moines and register online!

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