Posted by: charlesdamschen | September 20, 2005

Fun in Floyd

We always enjoy visiting Floyd, IA . . . and this year was no exception!

Going very far from home is always a little tricky this time of year since we never know where we’ll be with harvest. Friday morning Ron, Cathy, and I left for Iowa and Dad stayed home, feeling that he needed to take advantage of some long-awaited harvesting weather. Cathy and I geared up to sing duets, but couldn’t hide our ecstatic joy when Dad called Saturday morning to let us know that they were on their way to Floyd, IA (they’d had rain in the night) and would be there in time to sing with us at 8:00pm Saturday night! What a relief for us to have him there! You can see from the pictures below that there was a great turnout for the 2005 Floyd Gospel Sing. What a blessing to get togther with new and old friends at the Floyd Sing. Our good friends, Pastor Paul and Dixie Phillips, host the Sing every year as a fundraiser for Lighthouse Academy, a Christian school right there in Floyd.

Sunday morning we sang at the Methodist church in Floyd. . . what an encouraging bunch of people! Their support and enthusiasm was overwhelming and such a blessing to us. We hope to be with you all again some day.

Be sure to check out the pictures below . . . the first two are at the Methodist church in Floyd and the last three are from the Floyd Gospel Sing.

Blessings to you!


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