Posted by: charlesdamschen | October 26, 2007

MidWest Quartet Association

Hello –coming up next week is the annual trek to Des Moines Iowa for the Mid West Quartet Association. It Starts on Thursday November 1st 6PM at the Grace Church in Des Moines with the Dinner and Showcase in the Family Life Center. Friday starts the main concerts and Saturday night will be the end. Click on the following link for more info:
Or go to Google and type in Mid West Quartet Convention.

The last few months have gone by exceptionally fast.
On Labor Day weekend Cooperstown Bible Camp
Labor Day Family Camp
August 31 – September 3, 2007

Speaker: Dr. Phil Brown
Worship: Special Delivery
asked Special Delivery to do the Praise and Worship for the 3 day family camp. Because of harvest Chuck was not able to be there so they agreed to have Cathy provide it. Having Sung there before made the decision a little less stressful for Catherine. She agreed to do it. What a great time –although was definitely not stress free. I typed the words on a Power Point like presentation and went armed with a jump drive, guitar and all the equipment.

We had a Friday night Session–Sat morning Session –Sat Evening Session– Sunday morning
session–Sunday evening session—and a Monday morning session.
Dr. Phil Brown ( this Dr. Phil is not on the Oprah show) teaches at a Fargo Christian school and spoke on relationships ( he also had some power points and video clips). Dr. Phil had a great way of getting the message across while giving God the Glory. Cathy and I came to appreciate Dr. Phil and his love for the Lord–it was Unmistakable.

Check out the Cooperstown Bible Camp website –lots of things to keep kids -dads–& Moms busy –can you say High Ropes (and I mean high)– wall climbing and even a zip line !!!

Chuck, Naomi, Alice and Gabe were able to be there on Sunday which was great and added a lot to the worship. I —as the sound guy–was also the power point guy–definitely a NEW experience.
Cathy was doing the other days by herself and I think It helped her mature as a singer to do things out of her comfort zone.

Grant Schelkoph (camp director) did a great job –I can see why families keep coming back year after year–some have turned it into a family tradition.
Sorry for the long delay with the updates–it has been quite busy the last few months including a weekend in Birtel Manitoba Singing–but that is another story.

Thanks for reading —Ron


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