Posted by: charlesdamschen | February 21, 2006

Making up for time off . . .

Well we haven’t had much going on the past couple of weeks, but we’re making up for it between this past weekend and the upcoming week!

Saturday night we sang the National Anthem at Carl’s (Ron and Cathy’s youngest son) last home game in Cando. It was a real honor and we were glad that we were able to do that, although we were especially nervous! Cathy wore her “Canada” shirt so no one would forget that she’s actually Canadian. 🙂

We spent Sunday morning close to home, singing at the Lutheran church in Bisbee, ND. After Bisbee, we headed west to Towner, ND where they were having a homemade soup and bread supper. Ron has family in Towner, so besides the homemade chicken noodle soup and wheat bread, we enjoyed the company of family and some dear friends. After supper we sang for a very enthusiastic and supportive group . . . thanks for a great night!

This Thursday we are joining with the ladies group, Oasis, and Jim Vilandre to do a fundraiser concert for the upcoming mission trip to Venezuela. Nancy (from Oasis) and I are both on the team to Venezuela so we thought this would be a fun way to raise some support. A free-will offering will be taken and will go towards the cost of the mission trip to Venezuela. The concert is this Thursday, February 23 at 7:00pm at Bethel Evangelical Church in Devils Lake. All are welcome to join us!


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